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That's A Wrap! Behind The Scenes Of Our Photoshoot - TruMarine Team

June 09, 2016

That's A Wrap! Behind The Scenes Of Our Photoshoot - TruMarine Team



This past weekend, we had a very successful photo shoot in North Vancouver, B.C. With our new packaging and the company expanding further into the U.S., we wanted to highlight these exciting changes and acknowledge a few of our ambassadors.

We’ve done a few photo shoots in the past, but this was by far our largest production to date. With new TruMarine Team members, they discovered how much time, coordination and effort goes into a photoshoot. It was definitely a fun and exhilarating learning experience. Here’s a ‘snapshot’ of the day and a few tips on how to stay on task while having fun!


Who, What, Where, When, & Why

There is a lot of organization that goes into a successful photo shoot, which is why we allocated two months to prepare. Preparation included: scouting locations, determining what shots we wanted, and coordinating with those involved. What made the shoot extra special is that everyone, including the photographer, Janis Nicolay, our TruAmbassador models, and make up artist, all take withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen. They have been supportive of the product and the company since its inception.

With 12 models, we recognized it was really important to have a vision. If the goal of the photoshoot was unclear, the photos would reflect that. Having a vision and direction was paramount especially when deciding on location, models and props in order to achieve the best photos possible.

What also helped us stay organized was having a running Google document with a master list shared with the TruMarine Team members. The document included individual shots that required set up at each location, allocating models, wardrobe changes, and necessary props for each specific photo. Our TruAmbassador models had staggered call-times, and we had to coordinate a time for each Ambassador to go into make-up.  Working on that master list in pre-production was a way to commuicate clearly with our team and having a list to work off on the day of the photo shoot was vital to keep us on track throughout the day.

Energy & Hydration

To keep everything running smoothly, it is important to keep everyone hydrated and nourished. Early Sunday morning, Pemberton Heights Bakery delivered freshly baked cookies and muffins to our first location. Coffee was supplied by The Corner Stone, and since it was going to be hot and sunny, we stocked up on cold water and organic cold pressed juice from The Juicery Co.

We wanted to ensure that everyone stayed energized throughout the day, especially in the afternoon heat. Luckily for us, Lisa Kondi, a TruAmbassador and the owner of Kondi Kitchen, was on set, and provided her delicious and nutritious salad bowls such as the Buffalo Cauliflower and the Salmon Detox Salad to keep everyone trekking on into the hot afternoon.

Keeping It Local 

As a small business, we’ve relied on our community to help us grow, which is why we believe in supporting other small businesses and entrepreneurs in the area. We were fortunate and grateful to have local talent including Make-up Artist, Kaitlin Hargreaves, and Actors, Nicole Oliver and Jennifer Copping, lend their time to support us. Vancouver Candle Co., Nectar Juicery, Steelwood Design, Melanie Auld Jewelry, Inner Fire Apparel, Landeau Flowers, Kiss and Makeup, Project Skin, Spin Society, Barre Fitness, and Tonic Lifestyle Apparel, all fellow local companies, graciously provided us with clothing, accessories and props necessary to capture our vision.

These companies care about their customers and their community, and believe in their product(s). This is where passion stems from, and being associated with these local companies ‘Tru-ly’ inspires us and reminds us why we do what we do- because we love it!

We can’t wait to share our photos with you.

TruMarine Team

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