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Lisa Kondi's TruMarine Journey: Starting Out

February 02, 2016

Lisa Kondi's TruMarine Journey:  Starting Out

Starting Out

All my life I have had acne, oily skin, and an uneven complexion. From coconut oil, to expensive lotions to DIY face masks, I’ve tried everything in the book! But one thing I have learned is that less really is more. However, it’s hard to know how much just isn’t enough and how much is too much. My daily routine consists of a good sweaty workout followed by a big dog walk and delicious healthy food to refuel my body from the inside out! Yet, with health and wellness as my top priorities, I’ve continued to struggle with my skin.
Until being introduced to TruMarine I found the topic of collagen to seem overly complicated, when it is really quite simple. Collagen is a protein that makes up the majority of our skin and is responsible for giving our skin its elasticity. As we age, our body naturally slows the production of this protein leaving our skin less firm and wrinkled. What few people know is that this production actually begins to slow around the age of 25. So naturally, I had a mini quarter-life crisis on my 25th birthday and went out and spent somewhere around $250 at the drugstore on random creams and products that promised to nourish my skin and keep it looking young. Little did I know that what I was doing wrong was not getting to the root of the problem, which was nourishing my skin from the inside out.
It’s been just over one week that I have been taking TruMarine and I have been adding it to my green tea, coffee and smoothies in the mornings! I haven’t noticed any difference in the taste or consistency of any of the drinks, which is a huge factor for me. Over the next 8 weeks I’ll be taking you on my TruMarine journey to see the first-hand results and differences this product makes in my skin, energy level, hair, and nails. The picture below is me without make-up to show the unevenness in my skin tone, acne on my cheeks, and under eye circles (this is my number one problem area I have been trying to get rid of for years!!!). My energy level tends to be up and down, and since I’m extremely active and live a busy lifestyle I need all the energy I can get without downing 5 cups of coffee!
So far TruMarine has easily become a part of my daily routine and I can’t wait to start seeing the results! Below is a recipe that I have been enjoying after my morning workouts.

Kondi Power Coffee

1 cup organic brewed coffee
1/2 cup Rumble (vanilla maple flavor)
1-2 scoops TruMarine Collagen
dash of cinnamon
*optional - 1 tsp coconut oil to give you that extra dose of essential fatty acids and a boost in your energy and metabolism!
Lisa Kondi
Lisa Kondi is the owner and founder of Kondi Kitchen specializing in helping people achieve a balanced lifestyle through food and health. Kondi Kitchen is about clean, honest, tasty food that is perfect for on the go!  Lisa's menu is made from wholesome ingredients to enhance the mind-body connection because we believe that what you eat is a reflection of the way you feel. Lisa is passionate about good, healthy food and the benefits it brings to the overall well-being of people's everyday lives.

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