Too often we focus our health goals on what goes IN our bodies, while ignoring what goes ON them. Did you know up to five pounds of cosmetics are absorbed through your skin and into your body every year? It is time to start understanding the lengthy ingredient list on the back of our favorite beauty products. In this week's blog, Holistic Nutritionist Jaclyn Irwin from the Detox Market, shares her favorite ways to get her skin glowing from the inside out.


When I first started studying holistic nutrition three years ago, I started to connect the dots on how our health is affected by what we put on our skin. Prior to this, you could find me spending almost all of my savings on cosmetics and skincare products that I didn’t realize contained some potentially toxic ingredients. I know that I am not the only one who was doing this either and with the plethora of products that seem to be coming out all the time, it is easy to get sucked in by clever marketing and lofty promises. What you put on your skin, gets absorbed by your body and so it is best to understand and look at what products you are using to see if they truly are safe. A recent article from Tata Harper identifies the top 10 toxins to stay away from, and if you can at least start there, you will be doing yourself a huge favour. There are lots of clean, eco-conscious and luxurious beauty products available for you to try, and subsequently fall in love with.




1. The Clean Dirt by May Lindstrom: This exfoliator contains a beautiful combination of clays, spices, salts and activated Vitamin C that all work to encourage cellular rejuvenation and increase blood flow. It is described as a daily micro-dermabrasion, although obviously much more gentle than the standard micro-dermabrasion you may be familiar with. I personally use this product about 2-3 times a week and the result is the softest skin imaginable that glows. I actually find that my skin looks better the next day after using it and is noticeably smoother and softer. This is my go-to product that I cannot get enough of.



2. Holi (Rose) No. 4 Deodorant by Agent Nateur: I have tried a lot of natural deodorants over the years and this one works the best! A lot of people are still using deodorants that contain questionable ingredients like aluminum or use antiperspirant which inhibits the skins ability to sweat at all. Although this sounds like a good thing, our bodies are designed to sweat and if we eliminate this natural function we can actually create a build-up of toxins in the body with no way of them being eliminated. The good news is this natural deodorant not only works great but it also smells amazing thanks to the rose and sandalwood which will keep you smelling rosy all day long!



3. Rose Plus Skin Booster by MV Skincare: This booster is great to add to your moisturizer for deeper hydration, which is especially important in the winter months, but you can also just use it on its own as well. This oil is infused with Bulgarian rose and rosehip oil which smells heavenly and also soothes the skin. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from roseacea and to balance hormonal skin. My skin looks immediately better after using this product as it is smoother looking with less redness and my skin just drinks it right up. It is best to apply after cleansing and using a toner (if you use one) while your skin is still damp.



4. “Un” Cover-Up by RMS Beauty: This is an essential on-the-go beauty product that you can easily toss in your purse and you will be happy you did! This concealer is perfect for touching up any areas that could use a little coverage throughout the day. It is also really lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on your skin and most important, it doesn’t dry out your skin! This is so important, especially for those of us with more dry skin. I love how RMS has been formulated to reveal and enhance your healthy skin rather than covering everything up. Formulated with coconut oil and castor seed oil this product makes your skin look even more youthful, healthy and radiant and actually helps to heal the skin, making it a win-win in my book!



5. Resurfacing Mask by Tata Harper: If you have ever had a peel or wanted one to get the desired effects, than this may be the more natural product for you! It is a beta-hydroxy treatment that works similar to a traditional peel that provides an instant solution for dull skin, minus any irritation or downtime. Whenever my skin is looking a little lacklustre, I reach for this product as it helps minimize the appearance of my pores and improves skin texture so I can have truly glowing skin. If you have issues with uneven skin tone and texture, this is a wonderful product to have on your shelf and bonus- it only takes about 20 minutes!



    How to replenish from within:

    Of course true beauty comes from within, and no amount of beauty product or makeup product can do that for you. If you want to really get glowing, clear skin, you can start with what is on your plate, or in this case- what is in your glass! I have put together a truly delicious smoothie that has been on repeat in my house ever since I tasted it and it is loaded with vitamin C and of course some withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen.



    This smoothie is great for the winter time when you want to start including more warming spices into your drinks. Its also a pretty substantial smoothie that will keep you feeling full and nourished. Loading the smoothie up with vitamin C from the squash is also a great way to help with the absorption of the collagen, so you can be assured that you are getting the most out of the product.

    Here is how to make my butternut squash smoothie.

    1 ½ cups dairy free milk 
    ¾ cup butternut squash (cooked and cooled)
    ½ tbsp. maple syrup (optional)
    ½ to ¾ banana (frozen)
    1 ½ tbsp. chia seeds
    3-5g of withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen (1 scoop or 1 stick pack)
    ¼ tsp vanilla
    ½ cup pear 
    1 tbsp. almond butter
    ¼ tsp cinnamon
    small pinch of ginger, nutmeg and cloves
    A couple ice cubes if you wish

    Add all of the above ingredients into your blender and blend on high until combined and smooth.

    I love spreading the word on how you can get glowing skin from the foods you eat, so if you want to learn more, feel free to check out my free eBook!

    Hope you enjoy sipping on this delicious smoothie throughout the winter months.



    Jaclyn Irwin is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Toronto, and the owner of Holistic Foodie - a food and lifestyle blog with a focus on using nutrient dense whole foods to nourish the body from the inside out. With a background in green beauty, and a love for real unprocessed food, Jaclyn aims to inspire people to get to know their inner holistic foodie and learn to love food again. Jaclyn has contributed to Jules WellnessThe Naked Label, and is featured in Jesse Lane’s e-book. You can connect with Jaclyn on Instagram.

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