Nourishing a new baby and a changing body postpartum can be overwhelming. In June, we spoke with new mama and RD, Kim McDevitt, about how she was supporting and healing her body after giving birth. Six months later, she has definitely found her groove. She shared with us her holistic approach to making sure her body is in the best shape it can be to support her active lifestyle. Here's what she had to say:


32 ½ years old and i’ve started to really care about what i’m putting in and on my body.

I’ve always cared - I am a dietitian after all - but sometime between turning 30 and having a baby made me start to think about everything I was putting in and on my body. It stemmed from little things like the little lines that are suddenly appearing all over my forehead, combined with increased awareness of chemicals that are so frequently put in mainstream face care. Bigger things - like nursing - and knowing what goes into my body suddenly became really important because that also goes into this tiny human (of whom I am responsible to grow, nourish and protect). Returning to running postpartum was also a wake up call as I was suddenly feeling like my joints and muscles had aged 15 years ahead of me and I struggled to overcome injury (for the first time ever for me in sport). The injury was the serious wake-up call to me - my body is not invincible - and I’ve got to give it a lot of love if I want it to keep loving me back for the next 70 years (I’m planning on living until I am at least 92 ½, for the record).



My approach? Nourish my body holistically, both inside and out. I do this is through superfoods, supplements, and self care. This means that sometimes I don’t see results immediately - but - my small, incremental efforts add up to a much bigger pay-off.

My Balanced Life Principles

  • Nourishing my body with clean foods

This means fewer packaged foods and always clean, real ingredients that I can read, pronounce and understand. Some foods that are regularly in my rotation include: raw nut butter, coconut oil, avocado, fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables and grains such as quinoa and brown rice.



  • Adding ‘superfoods’ into my diet

Food is a powerful thing. And I rely on some foods to work beyond fuel. I regularly incorporate maca powder for hormonal balance and reishi powder for stress relief, longevity and immunity. I use both in powder form, and add them to my daily coffee or smoothie. I also rotate using an adrenal balance, especially during the months where I seem to be really burning the candle at both ends.



  • Taking holistic supplements that are right for me

There are 3 supplements I take religiously. These are:

1. Prenatal vitamin - this ensures I’m covering all my nutritional bases

2. Probiotic - for gut health

3. Premium marine collagen - I’ve noticed a huge difference since taking withinUs 
TruMarine™ Collagen daily (but should note you do need to take it regularly to reap the benefits). For me, it’s been huge for my postpartum hair loss and I’ve really noticed it for the aches and pains in my joints since increasing my running mileage.

  • Choosing chemical free skincare

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and increasingly learning about the high number of toxic chemicals that are so frequently used in mainstream beauty products made me do a makeover of my beauty and skincare routine. The thought of my skin absorbing all those chemicals makes me shudder. I’m all about simple, and on a daily basis am typically using unrefined coconut oil on my skin, face and hair!



  • Exercise when I want to and rest when I need it.

This is a big one for a balanced body. I used to push my body to its limits multiple times a week, sometimes day after day. I’ve learned that sleep and rest are just as important as a hard workout and typically yield better results for you next time you do a workout. I also now regularly schedule chiropractic adjustments. My chiropractor is adjusting for what’s happening in my nervous system and after an adjustment I find that issues with digestion, mental clarity and general aches and pains are usually resolved.



Sure we’re not all perfect, and doing all of these things all the time is near impossible. But I consider it prehab for my body (versus rehab) with the thought being that if I nourish and support it proactively I hopefully won’t have to face things reactively with rehab.

Staying healthy, fit, and happy can feel like a big victory when you’re working full time, raising a tiny human and attempting to be a good partner - but it all starts with nourishing yourself. I promise, if you can spend even just 10 minutes of the day doing something that contributes to you, you will feel better and be better at all you do.


Kim McDevitt is a Registered Dietitian (RD) specializing in sports nutrition, lifestyle optimization, and is a new mom on a mission to help educate and empower other new moms to get back to their pre-babe nutrition and fitness goals. Spurred by her love of running and devotion to clean, healthy eating, Kim left a career in advertising/marketing to pursue her passions professionally. Today, she's made a career out of her passions working as the National Educator-US for Vega, a plant-based nutrition and supplement company. Kim shares her post-baby journey in hopes of educating and empowering the other new moms out there.  

If you’re looking for nutrition support postpartum, we highly recommend to contact Kim.

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