Stay Refreshed this Summer with ReHydrate Watermelon Lime and Peach

Summer is just around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about hydration! Staying hydrated is key for overall health and wellness, and it's especially important during the warmer months. At withinUs, we’ve introduced two NEW ReHydrate flavours this year, Organic Watermelon + Lime and Organic Peach. These delicious electrolyte blends are the perfect solution for maximizing hydration and staying refreshed all summer long.

The Benefits of ReHydrate™ + TruMarine® Collagen

All of the electrolyte minerals in ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen are carefully selected to ensure superior quality and absorption. As a NonGMO Project Verified product, we pride ourselves on sourcing high quality, real ingredients that are not only good for your body and the environment, but are also delicious! Our ReHydrate products are packed with essential electrolytes that accelerate post-workout recovery, aid lean muscle gain, help you recover from jet lag, and contribute to a boost in energy levels.

Learn more about our premium electrolyte blend HERE

We’re also excited to announce that both withinUs ReHydrate Watermelon Lime and Peach flavours will be available as an add-on to the Summer Jilly Box curated by Jillian Harris, available to Jilly Box subscribers.

Try our new ReHydrate™ flavours for yourself! Will you choose Organic Watermelon + Lime, Organic Peach, or both?

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