Iced Oat Creamer Latte

Calling all OAT MILK & COFFEE FANS! 

withinUs Oat Creamer + TruMarine® Collagen is a delicious, dairy-free addition to your cup of coffee, matcha, oatmeal, or smoothie!


This has become a team favourite - this recipe is a MUST TRY and it provides the benefits from the most premium-select collagen available -  TruMarine® Collagen! 

INSIDE SCOOP:  Try adding a scoop of our Oat Creamer into a cup of Matcha Misto (chef's kiss) or use half Oat Creamer and half Coconut Creamer into your TruOrganic matcha or coffee. Delicious!  


Method (important to follow):

  • Pour 1-2 shots of espresso over a glass of ice
  • In a separate glass, combine 1-2 tbsp of withinUs™ Oat Creamer + TruMarine® Collagen with ½ cup of hot water
  • Stir or froth until no clumps remain (natural oats, no oils or additives added)
  • Pour oat creamer over ice and espresso
  • Add additional sweetener if desired
  • Stir to combine 
  • It's OAT-rageously delicious! 


withinUs™ Team

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