Curious how celebrities get their glow? Look no further.

We've asked TruSupporter and Skin Guru, Jennifer Brodeur, some valuable questions about skin care.
Hailed as a skin guru, Jennifer is the founder of JB Skin Guru, and is a trusted skin strategist for some of the world’s most respected and powerful personalities including Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. Jennifer’s unparalleled experience and deep knowledge of skin aesthetics inspired her new skincare line, Peoni - a holistic line of organic skin care and services made with the purest intent: to make her clients’ skin GLOW from WITHIN. 

Find out how she became known as the Skin GURU, her top tips for healthy skin, and how you can glow like the stars! 



1. You are known as a skin guru by celebrities - how did you evolve within your career to arrive at this title? (training, experience, clients)

JB: I always joke and say I am an overnight success of 21 years. I started my career as a teacher, and doing contract work for R&D. Then suddenly 7 years into my career I caught the entrepreneur bug. First business was opened in 2003, I have never looked back. Honestly there are days I wish I could open a juice bar by the ocean somewhere and work 2 hrs a day. However it does not last as I then start to think, oh it could be a whole franchise... So I rapidly come back to reality. I am doing what I love, I am passionate about skincare and I tend to attract difficult skin challenges. I take each one very seriously, which is what attracts the clients.

My craft is what I want to be known for, my knowledge, my attention to detail. Its because of my knowledge that I belong in the treatment room.

2. What sets your skincare line - Peoni - apart from other skincare lines? How did you develop the ingredients and components of Peoni products to ensure they are superior and effective?

JB: One of my first priorities was to ensure the line was gluten free as I am celiac. I was starting to get skin issues with products that contained gluten. I was also concerned about people with health challenged skins – usually caused by autoimmune disorders. Therefore it needed to be clean, organic, and offer results. The recipes always come into my head the same way a poet would write a poem. Once I have a clear idea as to what I want to achieve, the ingredients slowly start to dance in my head. I see them clearly. I take the time to research and second guess myself. From there, once the recipes are complete I send them to the lab. The chemist then takes over and the formulation is put together. I oversee each and every ingredient. What’s in the product is as important as what’s been left out.

3. What is the most important part of a skincare routine?

JB: Cleansing the skin every night. An absolute MUST!

4. What crucial skin care step do most women tend to forget?

JB: Apart from cleansing I would say changing their skincare in correlation with the seasons – weather and location.

5. What’s one skin myth that you wish you could permanently debunk?

JB: That everything organic or natural is safe. Sometimes chemical formulations are safer, especially for those with compromised immune systems. For example you could eat an organic mushroom and die because it’s poisonous.

6. What is your recommendation for people that are constantly on-the-go - but would like to stay conscious of skincare?

JB: Number one, get enough sleep - there’s nothing better to keep skin glowing. If needed, get a great sleep mask - that’s what works for me! Second, drink water, the rest I always say less is more. There is no need for 8-12 steps every morning and night. Last but not least your skin will reflect the inside, your skin also eats last. Be mindful of what you are putting into your body.

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