Happy New Year!

Just like that, we say goodbye to 2017.

The start of a new year opens a window of opportunity to set new goals, and reflect on how far you have come. It's a time to refocus, or shift your priorities to make the most of 2018. 

We recently had an opportunity to speak with celebrity trainer, Nicole Stuart, about her unique pilates and training styles. She has trained celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Portia de Rossi, Goldie Hawn and Anna Faris to name a few. Nicole shares with us her motivational mantra and favourite fitness tips to help kickstart 2018.


withinUs: How has your fitness career evolved from dance to celebrity fitness trainer? 

Nicole Stuart:  Luck! I grew up dancing and moved to LA to act, got sick of waiting tables and a friend in acting class had me come in to meet Mari Winsor and she hired me.

withinUs: How were you introduced to pilates, and what made you fall in love with it?

NS:  I was trained by Pilates guru Mari Winsor and I fell in love with it. I think because I was a dancer.

withinUs:  How does pilates differ from other forms of exercise?

NS:  It's like dance and it really feels good on your body in a healing way. Everything feels so balanced.

withinUs:  What is your fitness mantra/what keeps you motivated?  

NS:  Consistency over a long period of time will equal results. 

withinUs:  When you train clients, such as Kate Hudson, who travel or are on set for long hours, how do you make modifications to ensure they get a good workout with the limited time they have?  

NS:  I bring balls, bands, rings and the pilates stick and I can basically give a great workout anywhere even with no equipment. Joseph Pilates made his exercises to not only do on the reformer but they transfer over to the mat like yoga.



withinUs:  What is your personal favorite way to sweat?

NS:  I like running short distances like a mile and frequently and even do short sprints and finally spin.

withinUs:  How did you get into the fitness industry?

NS:  All by accident. I never set out to be a trainer and train celebrities - it just happened!

withinUs:  What motivates you or your clients to stay consistent?

NS:  I try not to be too serious and motivate them in a way that leads them into working out. I’m not necessarily a drill sergeant, but I’m tough in a low key kind of way.


withinUs:  What exercises would you avoid (outdated, ineffective, risky)?

NS:  I’m not into over-exercising these days and I see women push over the top with Cross-fit. I’m just not a fan of working out that hard anymore. I used to [workout] crazy like that and was a lot heavier.

withinUs:  You have created QE2 which is a 10 minute, quick, easy exercise fitness program with the focus on good form. Should participants have pilates experience before starting the program on the QE2 app? 

NS:  It would be great to have some experience, but I tried to make the first edition very simple to do for anyone, with the exception of the abdominal routine. That is a bit more advanced and knowledge would certainly help.

withinUs:  How does your Pilates (or conditioning) program differ from other Pilates programs people may have tried before?

NS:  I teach the New York style Pilates and after a while I mix it up. My strength is all in the form and proper alignment of your body.


withinUs:  How do you like to #stiritup with our withinUs TruMarine Collagen?

NS:  I mix 2 scoops everyday in my fresh juice! I love it and I can’t taste a thing!!


“With Exercise or any pursuit, consistency over a long period of time equals results”
~ Nicole Stuart


Based in West Hollywood, California, and trained by Pilates guru Mari Winsor, Nicole practices a creative style of Pilates that blends dance, yoga, stretching and cross-training.  Follow her on Instagram to see her latest workout videos and photos. 

With infinite possibilities, it is a good time to ask yourself - how do you see yourself moving forward in 2018? Share with us below, we'd love to hear what motivates you! 

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