ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen Jar DRAGONFRUIT MANGO MANDARIN - 30 Servings
ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen Jar DRAGONFRUIT MANGO MANDARIN - 30 Servings

ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen Jar DRAGONFRUIT MANGO MANDARIN - 30 Servings

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Hydration ReInvented:  Sweat. ReHydrate. Repeat.
Refreshing NEW flavour inspired by the Year of the Dragon.

  • 30-servings of ReHydrate + TruMarine™ Collagen (Dragonfruit Mango-Mandarin) premium electrolyte blend
  • 2.5 grams of Premium-Select Grade TruMarine™ Collagen per serving
  • Certified Organic and Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Convenient hydration
  • Gluten-Free, No Caffeine, No Artificial flavours or sweeteners

withinUs ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen is an electrolyte blend formulated with premium ingredients. This refreshing, thirst-quenching blend is packed with essential electrolytes for optimized hydration and TruMarine® Collagen to accelerate post-workout recovery and aid lean muscle gain. 

  • Replenish essential electrolytes
  • Maximize hydration
  • Aid lean muscle gain
  • Support healthy nerve & muscle function
  • Increase athletic performance by accelerating post-workout recovery
  • Help recover from jet-lag
  • Plus TruMarine® Collagen

withinUs™ ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen contains 1g of functional organic cane sugar.

The organic cane sugar in our electrolyte blend is solely for function.

The organic, Non GMO Project Verified cane sugar is used to optimize the absorption of electrolytes and water.

You may see sugar-free electrolyte blends on the market, but the absence of sugar makes them less effective in hydrating your body efficiently. A solution of water + glucose (sugar) + sodium (salt) hydrates your body better than water alone.

Each carefully selected mineral in withinUs ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen is included in citrate form. Citrate state minerals are proven to be more effective and bioavailable, and also work to control acidity in the body.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen (Ultra-Pure TruMarine® Collagen from wild-caught fish scale), Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Mango Flavour, Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavour, Dragonfruit Powder, Organic Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract

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