withinUs TruOrganic Matcha. Approximately 30 servings.
TruOrganic™ Matcha - CERTIFIED ORGANIC & FIRST HARVEST - 30 Servings

TruOrganic™ Matcha - CERTIFIED ORGANIC & FIRST HARVEST - 30 Servings

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30 Servings
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Approximately 30-servings of withinUs™ TruOrganic Matcha 

Expires September 2024

  • withinUs™ TruOrganic Matcha tin -approximately 30 servings 

  • An artisanal blend of the two highest grades of matcha from Japan

  • Certified Organic

  • First harvest, premium tea leaves

  • Grown without the use of fertilizers, nitrogen, or chemicals

This is superior matcha.

Vegan, Certified Organic, Direct from Farm, No preservatives or Colours, Gluten-free

withinUs™ TruOrganic Matcha is a premium blend of the two highest grades of organic matcha exclusively created for withinUs in small batches.

This matcha is harvested from one of Japan’s oldest and most highly acclaimed tencha growing regions. The leaves are hand-picked (from the first harvest) and prepared using traditional methods, guaranteeing the highest nutritional value and a smooth, delicate taste, free from grit and bitterness. Our matcha contains absolutely no additives, sweeteners or fillers, and is expertly tested at every stage of production.

TruOrganic Matcha is extremely high in antioxidants which help fight off free radicals that can cause sickness and disease in the body.

TRUFACT: Matcha has the highest antioxidant rating of all superfoods. Add TruOrganic™ Matcha to your daily regimen to help boost immunity.  

    USDA Organic, Canada Organic, JAS/JONA Certified, Non-GMO, No Dairy, Gluten Free, Kosher

    The tencha leaves used in withinUs™ TruOrganic Matcha are premium grade leaves from the first harvest of the year. First harvest leaves are graded from premium, then grade A through D, with premium leaves being considered the best of the best, having the highest quality of aroma and flavour. Due to the cooler temperatures during their growing period, leaves from the first harvest grow more slowly than those from later harvests, allowing the nutrients to fully develop.

    withinUs™ TruOrganic Matcha holds JAS/JONA certificates through the Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association, as well as USDA and Canadian Organic Certificates. This level of quality is rare and limited. Our matcha is grown without the use of fertilizers, nitrogen or chemicals, and is routinely tested for purity. The soil in which the plants are grown is also subject to frequent testing, ensuring that there are no contaminants (lead/fluoride) in the product.


    Certified organic matcha

        Matcha is a traditional Japanese tea made from stone ground tencha leaves. Tencha leaves have a very unique growing process which includes protecting them from light during the last weeks of before harvesting. This preserves the smooth, rich flavour of the leaves, and encourages maximum formation of antioxidants, amino acids, and chlorophyll. High-grade, traditional matcha - such as withinUs TruOrganic™ Matcha - is made from tencha leaves that are harvested by hand, dried, and stone ground into a vibrant, emerald-green powder. Our matcha is an artisanal blend of the two highest grades of matcha from Japan, and is smooth and delicious.

        What Makes Good Matcha?



        The brighter the matcha, the better! withinUs TruOrganic™ Matcha is a bright emerald green colour – this means it contains high levels of chlorophyll, thanks to specialized growing techniques.


        High quality matcha will have a smooth and slightly sweet taste due to high levels of amino acids and L-Theanine, which flourish when the leaves are shaded from the sun during the final weeks before harvest.


        High quality matcha originates in Japan. Japanese tea culture dates back to the 12th century - since then, tea planting and harvesting traditions have been specialized and perfected.


        When whisking high quality matcha, a micro layer of foam should form. With lower quality matcha, large air bubbles will form, or there may be no bubbles or foam at all.

        The Benefits


        Packed with amino acids, nutrients, antioxidants, fibre and chlorophyll

        Increase in energy, memory and concentration

        Higher metabolism

        Lower blood pressure

        Increased immune functioning


        How to Prepare


        Customer Reviews

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        Age: 40 to 60 years old
        How long have you been using the product?: 3+ years
        Mega Matcha

        Perfect for those days that you just don’t need or want coffee. It covers all the bases for a good start to your day.

        Danielle P.
        Age: 25 to 39 years old
        How long have you been using the product?: 1-3 years
        The Best

        I’ve tried sooo many other kinds of matcha and the quality, flavour, and richness of WithinUs Matcha is truly unmatched.

        Gloria C.
        Age: Above 60 years old
        How long have you been using the product?: 3+ years

        I love the Within us Matcha.. a nice healthy pickup!