The Difference - TruOrganic™ Matcha

withinUs TruOrganic™ Matcha is a Premium Select Grade blend, exclusively created for us! Our matcha is from one of Japan’s oldest and most highly acclaimed tencha growing regions. The leaves are handpicked and prepared using traditional methods, this guarantees the highest nutritional value along with a smooth, delicate taste, free from grit and bitterness. Japanese tea experts monitor the size and shape of the leaves and use perfected methods of roasting and blending to ensure a truly superior matcha. Our matcha contains absolutely no additives, sweeteners or fillers, and is expertly tested at every stage of production.

The tencha leaves used in withinUs TruOrganic™ Matcha are premium grade and come from the first harvest of the year. First harvest leaves range in grade from premium through to D, with premium leaves being considered the best of the best. Premium leaves have the highest quality of aroma and flavor due to the abundance of nutrients. ‘First flush’ leaves are subject to cooler temperatures during their growing season, and thus grow gradually, allowing the nutrients to fully develop.

withinUs TruOrganic Matcha holds JAS/JONA certificates through the Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association, as well as USDA and Canadian Organic Certificates. This level of quality is rare and limited. Unlike organic fruits and vegetables, organic matcha is extremely difficult and time consuming to produce. Not only must the matcha meet strict quality standards, but it must also meet all requirements for the 3 major Japanese organic regulating bodies. Our matcha is grown without the use of fertilizers, nitrogen or chemicals, and is routinely tested for purity. The soil in which the plants are grown is also subject to frequent testing, ensuring that there are no contaminants (lead/fluoride) in the product.