All In The Family

Have you ever wondered if glowing skin, healthy joints, and great hair are genetic traits? The Harris family spills the beans with their family wellness secret -- hint, it includes withinUs™ products! 

Keeping reading to find out what products Jillian Harris and her parents, Peggy and Glen, use daily to help boost their health and wellness! 

"I have loved the withinUs team for years but really struggled to find a product that fit seamlessly into my busy every day, until my lips were blessed with the ReHydrate. OH, MY WORD it takes my water intake to a whole new level and I know I’m getting the hydration that I need with a little boost of collagen for my tired mama skin and hair! The withinUs team are just sweethearts and have become family to Team Jilly!"
- Jillian Harris
"My name is Glen Harris and I am 66 years old and have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both of my knees. The right knee has always given me a tougher time. I have had issues with my right knee since 2009.
My daughter introduced me to TruMarine® Collagen from withinUs™ about 3 years ago. I started using it regularly for a few months and sure enough, my knee joint pain and flexibility improved.
I don’t know why but I was skeptical that the improvement was attributed to the collagen. So regrettably I quit, why? I guess I thought it was getting better on its own. It must be a guy thing.
So sure enough as time went by the pain and poor flexibility issues returned. Fortunately for me by this time my wife was putting together a morning walking routine for the both of us, followed up by a great smoothie to which she was including TruMarine® Collagen again. So we hit the road every morning walking and doing the smoothie thing. It’s been over a year with the new routine and wouldn’t you know it I’m back to feeling much better with the knee joint pain and improved flexibility. I even put to rest a prescribed knee brace I was using to help me with the walks. Now I wake up in the morning and slip into my pants having to bend my right knee to put them on without pain! I walk up and down stairs with much more ease! It’s actually quite remarkable! Even the inclines during my walks aren’t as brutal! So low and behold this guy is now a believer and feeling very relieved as a result. This is my story and I felt compelled to share it with you because of my success. I can only hope it will work for you as well as it has worked for me."
-Glen Harris



"Back in September my right knee starting hurting, the pain was unbearable and I really had difficulty walking. My doctor ordered an X-ray on my knee and got back to me and said I had mild arthritis in my knee! Certainly didn’t feel mild to me! I just thought I can’t handle this and feared that I would be experiencing that for life. I started taking the withinUs™ [TruMarine®] Collagen and within approximately 2 weeks the pain had disappeared! That was 8 months ago!
I’m more than extremely grateful to withinUs for the amazing product that is available to us! I am amazed at just how many other people close to our age that suffer with arthritis & I never hesitate to send them your link ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️!!!!"

-Peggy Harris

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