There is a common misconception that marine collagen peptides are only for women. This could not be further from the truth. withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen benefits both men and women.

 withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen is often associated with skin health, hair and nails but 5 grams of withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen daily has many other clinically proven benefits.



Osteoarthritis affects men and women (almost) equally, and these aches and pains start off as minor discomforts but can grow to be debilitating as the body ages and continues to lose collagen. Reducing joint pain, increasing mobility, and comfort becomes a top priority. Incorporating a high quality, premium, hydrolyzed marine collagen helps promote joint health by strengthening cartilage and joint structure and reducing joint pain (1).

Unlike other sources of marine collagen (ie: fish skin), and animal skin and bone collagen, withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen has a superior absorption rate (bioavailability), meaning it is absorbed quickly and effectively into the bloodstream. withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen is proven to encourage collagen production within the body, and reducing pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

"[My] right knee has always given me a tougher time. I have had issues with my right knee since 2009. My daughter introduced me to the TruMarine® Collagen from withinUs™ about 3 years ago. I started using it regularly for a few months and sure enough, my knee joint pain and flexibility improved."

- Glen Harris 


Athletes, and ex-athletes of all levels can experience the benefits of withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen. Our collagen is 95% protein ad 5% moisture. Due to this composition, ingesting withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen has been shown to help with lean muscle gain, post-workout recovery, and joint health. Athletes notice that after 2-3 months of taking TruMarine® Collagen, their body appears more ‘toned’ without changing their regular exercise pattern or eating regimes. Many professional and high-performance athletes agree that ingesting collagen is a highly effective, and natural workout recovery. Whether you are an elite athlete or someone that likes to hike, run, bike etc it is likely you have experienced muscle and/or joint soreness after a strenuous workout. Significant improvement has been shown in regards to knee joint comfort after 6 months of ingesting hydrolyzed marine collagen (2). withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen does not eliminate post-exercise muscle soreness, but the 18 amino acids in our collagen help to repair your muscles, tendons, and joints post exercise.


 With a great variety of '+TruMarine® Collagen' products, there are plenty of ways to stay #CollagenPowered. While our recommended daily serving of withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen is 5 grams, it is not harmful to have more. To learn more, click here. As the weather warms up we have been enjoying our premium electrolyte blend, withinUs™ ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen, more regularly. This premium electrolyte blend contains essential minerals that maximize hydration post workout, and replace the electrolytes lost from sweating during exercise. Electrolytes regulate nerve and muscle function, balance blood pH and blood pressure, and help rebuild muscle tissue. Dehydration is the primary reason that we require electrolytes, and they are difficult to replace naturally. Rehydrating with water alone does not replace the lost electrolytes, which is why supplementation is important after sweating and exercise.

withinUs™ Plant Protein + TruMarine® Collagen is like no other on the market. It combines 4 organic plant-based ingredients that have been fermented and sprouted to optimize the digestibility of the proteins, plus TruMarine® Collagen.  Protein is an essential part of your diet and is required to maintain muscle mass, repair tissue, help boost metabolism, and is good for overall health, but it is often thought of as a bulking agent to increase muscle mass. In our research (and experience) there are more reasons to take a protein supplement. Protein is a quick and convenient way to ensure that your body is meeting its nutritional needs and protein intake. This product can be used by a diverse range of individuals such as athletes, the elderly, and those that are often on the go. 


Throwback to our original ReHydrate™ Jars. Jonny has clearly been a ReHydrate fan for a very long time! 
A thoughtful gift for your dad, uncle, partner, brother, or friend.  
withinUs Team

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