What is a SuperTaster?

Some of our customers have let us know they can detect a taste when incorporating withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen into their daily beverage. Our product is unflavored and we do not mask it with additives, flavors, colors etc. however, we were surprised to learn when a few customers could detect a taste in their lemon water.

withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is the highest grade of ingestible collagen available. Our high quality, premium-select grade marine collagen is devoid of impurities. Lower quality collagen sources such as animal bone/skin or fish skin can contain more impurities which results in a yellow colour, and a strong unpleasant taste and smell.

Ultra-Pure withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is virtually tasteless and odorless, and can be added into hot or cold beverages such as coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, and lemon water. We do not compromise the quality of our product by using lower quality, less expensive sources of collagen such as bovine, porcine, avian, shellfish, or fish skin. We also stay clear of using heat, acids and chemicals when producing withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen.

A SuperTaster is someone that has a very sensitive taste palate.
“Supertasters” experience heightened sensations from food and beverages. They are extra sensitive to bitter tastes, textures, carbonation, and spices. Supertasters are believed to have an anatomical and biological basis for their elevated taste response. Scientists have shown that different areas on the tongue map to different taste sensations - bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and savoury (umami) all have their place on the tongue. Having more taste buds corresponds to a greater gustatory response in SuperTasters. Though SuperTasters are fortunate to have a heightened gustatory experience, they can be more sensitive and overwhelmed by flavours that others do not detect.

When a customer has an aversion to the taste of our product, it is from the amino acids - not the fish. The raw materials (fish scales) used to produce our collagen are broken down to amino acid chains (bi and tri-peptides), and the properties, including flavour and smell are no longer present.

Kaitlin Hargreaves is a talented makeup artist (she also is Jillian Harris’ personal makeup artist) and she kept hearing about the benefits of our products. Her partner, Keith, takes our product regularly and does not detect any taste. Kaitlin was determined to find a way to incorporate withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen into her daily regimen and reached out to us. We were, of course, more than happy to assist.

Kaitlin visited the withinUs office with Keith and Spanky (her dog) and we made her a few fool-proof, keto-friendly recipe ideas for her sensitive taste palate.

Please find the following Kaitlin approved recipes (she could not detect the collagen), and find out which one is her favorite.

Kaitlin Hargreaves and the withinUs Team

  1. Dissolve 1 scoop (5g) of withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen into 2 tbsp of hot water and let sit for 10 minutes
  2. Fill a tall glass with ice and water
  3. Add collagen + hot water mixture into the tall glass and stir
  4. Squeeze half a lemon
  5. Enjoy!

Lemon Water and Collagen


  1. Add one scoop withinUs Matcha Misto + Collagen
  2. Add one scoop withinUs Coconut Creamer + Collagen 
  3. Add hot water (not boiling)
  4. Stir & Enjoy!
  • Kaitlin also loved adding our dairy-free coconut creamer into her coffee using this recipe. This was one of her favorites. 

delicious collagen, coconut, and matcha drink


  1. Dissolve 1 scoop (5g) of withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen into 2 tbsps of hot water and let sit for 10 minutes
  2. Prepare green tea (we use loose leaf green tea leaves)
  3. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour in green tea
  4. Add in collagen + hot water mixture and stir
  5. Squeeze half lemon
  6. Enjoy!

Iced Green Tea with Collagen


  1. Add the following ingredients to your blender:
  • 2 scoops of withinUs™ Coconut Creamer + Collagen
  • Half a scoop (2.5g) of withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 2 Cups frozen strawberries
  • Water (enough for preferred consistency)

2. Blend until smooth
3. Enjoy!

Strawberry and Collagen Smoothie

Do you have any favourite ways to incorporate withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen into your daily routine? Share them with us below, we'd love to hear from you!

withinUs Team


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